Full Bodied Wines

Argentina is home to some of the most robust Malbec wines in the world. You can taste a subtle smokiness in this wine which makes it a great companion for that juicy grilled steak, (Argentinean beef), ribs or even a prime rib. You’ll taste blackberries. You’ll taste plums. But the smokiness is prevalent and an assertive characteristic to this varietal. By far and away Argentina makes the best ones.  

This is an elegant and fuller bodied red from of all places, Chile. Spicy like red peppers, smooth like vanilla and an undertone of herb. This is an excellent choice if you’re serving red meats of any sort, either grilled or roasted. These are popular wines. Most people enjoy them because they represent an excellent product for a modest price. But be prepared to pay more in the future. A product this good will not stay this cheap. 

This varietal was originally grown in the Balkans, Greece and the heel of Italy. Its origin is actually Croatian. Today the absolute best ones are from California. The climate, sunshine and conditions produce a grape which is so rich and fruity that it can produce a wine with an alcohol content of 15% or more. Zin’s can only be described as big, juicy and voluptuous. You’ll taste wild blueberries, black cherry and plums. These sophisticated wines are the favorite of Thomas Keller, Chef de Cuisine at the French Laundry Restaurant in Yountville California, considered by most to be the best restaurant in America and in the top ten in the world.  (So you can guess, they have to be good). What to eat with them? Red meat, of course. 

You might know these bold and spicy reds as Shiraz if you’re drinking anything other than the French version. These wines offer a flavor of very ripe, very dark fruits, but with a hint of black telicherry pepper. Australia makes some positively grand ones, rich and full bodied and dark in color. These are the perfect accompaniment to hearty stews, grilled meats, venison, beef and bison. 

Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabs are the ideal elegant and formal wines, perfect for entertaining and hostess gift giving. They are especially fine when paired with meat. These are the famous Bordeaux wines everybody’s always chatting about. They’re big. They’re sophisticated and they can range in price from fairly moderate to out of this world expensive. You’ll taste dark berries, coconut, chocolate all with a distinct oak flavor because these big reds spend a lot of time aging in fine French oak barrels, especially the top priced ones. Without a doubt, the world’s best come from Bordeaux in France. But you can get a very nice product from Chile, California and if you’re really into cherry bombs, try an Australian. 

Light Red Wine

Medium Bodied Red Wine

Full Bodied Red Wine